Fantastic Mr Foss.

Inspired by last weeks recommendation of Patrick Topping and his Awakenings mix, we looked back in the vault (our play history on Mixcloud, SoundCloud and YouTube mainly) to find what mix we had listened to the most over the years.

The winner was far and away the leader. You could combine second (Nick Curly – Pollerwiesen) and third place (Purple Disco Machine – MixMag) together and they still wouldn’t come close.

So who is it?

Hot Creations. Emerald City. Repopulate Mars….

Lee Foss (2015) livestream for Mixmag
Live in the Lab for Mixmag – Lee Foss

You guessed it. Lee Foss.

This mix? A 2015/2016 New Years Eve party at the MixMag HQ in Los Angeles. The mix is timeless and suitable for literally anywhere, anytime. It has become the go-to mix for pre-drinks for a solid two years, andwhile I have longed for something new, nothing seems to knock it out of the playlist.

If there is one act we are hoping to see this summer it is Lee Foss. Our memory from seeing him in 2012 has become a little blurred. Time to fix that.

Lee Foss

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