Having worked with Throne Room Records before, we can vouch for Scott Diaz as an utter professional, and extremely humble given his impressive producing talents. So we were disgusted to see the email thread between his booking agent and a ‘promoter’ which he shared via social media earlier.

The thread starts with general interest in booking Scott for some upcoming dates.

Nothing unusual there.

The promoter then back tracks, claiming they ‘dont feel Scott’s image fits.’

The understandably confused booking agent then questions the promoter what they mean by this, and the response is as triggering as anything you will see this week.

Scott Diaz - Gavin Mills Photography - Black and White - Press Shot
Credit – Gavin Mills Photography

“Scott is a bit overweight and doesn’t really fit our Ibiza image or ethos“…

Just let that sink in. A DJ they were interested in for his MUSICAL talent, now turned down because of ‘image’. The last time we checked, the DJ is there to entertain a crowd with music, not run a cross-fit or zumba class.

As if it wasn’t enough that DJ’s are expected to be social media stars on top of their musical commitments, they now also need to be fitness models?

See the email thread here (read from bottom upwards):

Scott Diaz - Booking Email - Ibiza Image
‘We don’t feel Scott’s image fits.’

Scott politely removes the promoters name from the image to save their ‘image’, but we feel there is no place for this in the nightlife community and would maybe not be so polite ourselves.

If this is the ‘IMAGE OF IBIZA’ then quite frankly we are out. This really exemplifies the growing trend and public perception that Ibiza may no longer be the party island it once was, and it is now no more special than the ‘Geordie Shore’ alternatives. Most recently, Industry heavyweight Darius Syrossian announced on Twitter his boycott of the island, and given this most recent revelation, perhaps it is best if others followed.

Throne Room Records - Heart Breaker - TR010 - Scott Diaz
Scott Diaz – Heart Breaker (Throne Room Records) – Beatport Link

Update: Since the unfolding of events on Facebook, Mr Diaz announced a statement to withdraw the original image as he did not want to associate himself with controversy as this was never his intention, further highlighting he is only about the music. We agree that this is simply an ‘extension of a culture we are already living in’, and while it is certainly wrong, it is maybe inevitable as the world continues to live through an Instagram filter.


*and for the record* – We don’t even feel the promoter has a point about Scott’s image.

Scott Diaz

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