The latest UK call-to-arms

Iconic Birmingham spot ‘The Rainbow Venues’ have had their license revoked and ordered to close following drug-related deaths, the most recent of which being Halloween. Security of the venue had also come under scrutiny following reports of under-age attendees managing to enter the venue.

Is this a club that had simply gotten complacent, or is there a general misunderstanding and stigma still attached to UK rave culture? The whole story feels a close reminder to the closure of Fabric in 2016, whom were able to re-open in 2017 following an appeal process and huge support from the music industry.

Once again, the music industry is likely to play their part in the future of another club that needs them, with #SaveTheRainbow currently trending within the music scene.

The issue with all this however is we are crying over spilled milk. Following the closure of Fabric we were warned, the message was clear. Councils would rather revoke a license and give the land to developers, than work with venues to counter issues like drug use, noise complaints and underage drinking.

In order for Fabric to re-open they were made to jump through hoops, improving security to higher than the average industry standard for UK nightclubs, with ID scanners, increased CCTV, sniffer dogs and more security staff presence, and even increasing the entry age from 18 to 19.

This should have rang alarm bells for similar venues around the UK – this was the new standard expected of rave-culture venues. So while it is important for us to support The Rainbow Venues in the latest ‘attack’ on our community, we need to recognize that there may only be a certain amount of times we can be warned about increased security measures needed to keep councils happy and, most importantly, people safe.

Tweet your support using #SaveTheRainbow

Sign the petition to help save the venue – Change.Org




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