Throne Room Merchandise goes on sale.

It has been a long time coming really, hasn’t it?

“At Throne Room we had a few one off t-shirts made for the team to wear when they played at their gigs, events, talks and appearances. Since then we have received regular messages about where they can be purchased, and having to sadly explain they were not for sale. With the first of these messages coming in well over a year ago now, we felt it was time to fulfill our duty to the Throne Room fan-base, and finally give the people what they want.”

Many labels look to avoid merchandise and other side-products, as when you start a label your first and foremost focus must be the music. This being said, through their attention to detail and the boldness in every design, Throne Room has grown into a ‘brand’ to be proud of. As a brand the possibilities really are endless…


Photography by Aaron Shaquille Carlton


Like all things Throne Room, they kick-start their move into streetwear with a simple and clean design, and a high-quality finish, with one available design in their minimal store. The ‘Classic Black’ stamps a bold logo across the chest, and boasts a premium cotton fabric for the materials. At £24.99 (inc. P&P), Throne Room offer premium streetwear at an affordable price, and if we are to use this as a sign of thing to come, a real game-changer for rave attire. Just like their music, the label has chosen a respectful option by looking into premium materials and designs that are ‘made to last’, they want their fans to be able to parade their work time after time, and not simply sell their ‘brand’ but provide no substance in terms of quality.

With only one design officially released, and the tease of more on the way, my wardrobe is excited to see what is next.

Check out the Throne Room store here: Throne Room Store

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