Review: Redbeard – The Matrix

Following his recent ‘Millennium Bug’ release on Cosmofunk Records, upcoming UK talent Redbeard samples cult film favourite The Matrix in his latest endeavor. ‘The Matrix’ itself plays on elements of both minimal and progressive Techno styles, with whispering vocals from the film in a conversation between main characters Morpheus and Neo throughout. To compliment the vocals there is a crunchy lo-fi bassline which would suit the surreal and electronic power feeling of the film. All-round ‘The Matrix’ does justice to the film name it was inspired by and is a track that will no doubt go down a storm if played to the right crowd. The full release drops on Daniele Boncordo’s Owna Music Collective label ‘Third Nature’ later this month.

Matrix Code

The Body Cannot Live Without The Mind.

Our Score: 7/10

Label: Third Nature

Release Date: 09/10/17


SoundCloud  –  Facebook

Third Nature

SoundCloud  –  Facebook

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