Throne Room Exclusive: Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond

As stated in the official write-up for their upcoming release, Jack Swaffer and Richey Profond are ‘the men of the moment’. A handful of naughty numbers in the past year have thrown this pair right into the limelight, with just about every label and events company up and down the country looking for a slice.


With previous releases on Up-Tempo Records, Twisted Fusion, Killer Vibe Records, Rawsome Recordings, Madtech Records, Audiophile Deep, Simma Black and Elrow, and now adding Throne Room to that list, the pair have covered many major labels in the UK and abroad. An inspiration for any young Tech House producers looking to make their mark on the scene.

The pair regularly see support from the likes of Jacky, Wade, Apollo 84, DJ S.K.T, Low Steppa and Raffa FL, and rightly so, their upfront in-your-face Tech House has crowds standing there singing for money (more on that later).

We had a quick catch-up with the duo to discuss their rise to the house music spotlight, and their upcoming ‘La Groove’ EP (September 25th on Throne Room Records)…


Who are Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond?

We are a duo based in the UK. Meet each other few years back in Ibiza and been friends ever since.


A real breakthrough year for you both, how crazy has it all been?

It’s been a great year for us both, it’s been going from strength to strength with more bookings and more solid releases. We couldn’t have asked for a better year, we’re just working hard to keep the momentum up with the bookings and working so hard on our sound for 2018.


For the few who haven’t heard your sound yet, how would you describe it?

It’s just house music really ha, it may fit into the tech side a lot more but it just depends when we’re in the studio of how the track comes out. We’re not frightened of making something people won’t recognise as myself and Jack have a wide range of love for different styles of music, so that tends to come into it when we’re sitting down.



You sit here just before your release with Throne Room Records. How excited are you for this one?

We’re mega excited for this as we feel we are going in slightly different style to our older stuff and we’re over the moon you guys are behind it.


Is there any inspiration you took when creating ‘La Groove’?

We take a lot of inspiration from the European side of things, the techy/tribal sort of sound. The stuff you would here on a terrace in the day time.


Any more upcoming releases we can look forward to?

We’ve got a VA compilation on Rawesome Records ahead of our ADE show and then we are focusing on perfecting our sound for 2018 so we’re not entirely sure where our music will end up.


We couldn’t resist. That remix. Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman. It really has been played everywhere hasn’t it. Were you ever expecting the kind of reaction it got you?

NO haha! It literally was getting some massive response in 2016 by some major artists and when Steve (SKT) wanted to take it on for a release I thought it had just about seen it’s sell by date but when it got released it went absolutely nuts with it charting top 10 tech house charts on Beatport and top 10 overall. Also went number 1 on Traxsource tech house charts which I couldn’t believe.

 ADE JSRP Event CoverADE TR Event Cover

We look forward to seeing you play for Throne Room at ADE! We also see you’re hosting an event there yourselves. How excited are you for that?

We’re mega excited as it’s a new little venture for ourselves, we are just testing the waters and taking opportunities but it’s going really well and can’t wait to party with friends and fellow artists/DJ’s over there.


What is next for Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond? Anything exciting for us to wait for?

Just catch us up and down the country at different gigs throwing down music we love and dancing like maniacs haha! But seriously we’re just going to build our sound and music for 2018 so hopefully you guys will see some mega things from us (hopefully haha).


Are there any artists you can’t get enough of at the moment, or any that you would tip for big things over the next few years?

That’s a hard question, we’re really feeling so many artists as a whole so to label it down we just haven’t got enough time or space haha.


Any advice for the newcomers looking for their big break?

Just work hard, be open & most importantly it’s nice to be nice!


Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond – Upcoming Gigs:

  • Sat 14 Oct, 17
    Rich Got Jacked X Gbar, Gbar, Liverpool
  • Fri 20 Oct, 17
    ADE X Rich Got Jacked, Amstelhaven, Amsterdam
  • Fri 20 Oct, 17
    Soundspace X Throne Room ADE 2017, San Francisco Bar, Amsterdam
  • Sat 21 Oct, 17
    Rawsome x Vaarwel present Amsterdam Boat Event 2.0, Pier 14, Amsterdam



 Pre-Order ‘La Groove’ EP at BEATPORT

Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond

SoundCloud  –  Facebook (JS)  –  Facebook (RP)

Throne Room Records

SoundCloud  –  Facebook  –  Twitter  –  Instagram


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