Review: OneFold DGTL – ADE Sampler

Ah, it is that time of the year again. ADE.

Accompanied with the Amsterdam Dance Event, an influx of new music from DJs large and small quickly fill taste-maker and label promo inboxes all around Europe.

The first release we will be taking a look at is OneFold’s sub-label – OneFold DGTL and their ‘ADE Sampler’ album. This 8-track VA is overflowing with high-energy Tech House monsters. There is atleast one track in here for everyone, from bass lovers to more classic house fans, with a few we would tip to break into the Beatport charts, after seeing the crowd reaction to when we have played them out. Full breakdown below…


Carl Antony – Diddy Bom (Original Mix): Full with distorted vocals and fx. Having no clear defined breaks and drops allows the track to maintain its energy from start to finish. Head-bopper for those late night weary shoulders. 7/10

Electrik Cat – Making Music (Original Mix): Weird and wonderful. A brilliant show stopping second break down with a generous helping of crowd chants and whistles give the track a little edge. 8/10

Fraser Whalen & Jacque Saravante – Pump Up The House (Original Mix): The track title gives everything away here. A running low bassline and fiery percussion layers give that classic feel. Great early doors floor mover. 7.5/10

Joaquin Koen – Classic Style (Original Mix): Similarly to his ‘Rock & Flow’ EP that we reviewed last month, Joaquin Koen produces another high-energy vintage Tech House groove. Heavy hats, rolling snares and warping chords, the trademark sound we are coming to expect from a Joaquin Koen production. 6.5/10

LATECOMER & ALBT – Time out (Original Mix): Vocal shouts and rolling snares. Nice little two-stepper, using a tribal drum pack to great effect here. 7/10

Luke Hassan – Who Got Yo Back (Original Mix): Addictive and memorable vocals, thick and funky bassline, punchy drops. Great little tempo builder in mainroom sets. 8/10

Ryan Shepherd – Hip-Hop-Loco (Original Mix): Our pick of the release. Seriously fun, funky and heavy dancefloor weapon. Vintage sound samples and strong crowd-pleaser vocals, perfect for prime-time set energy. Big. 9/10

Wobble&BlackArt – Hurting Bombs (Original Mix): All the makings of a Tech House classic, huge rolling snares and synth stabs, a chunky bassline and change-tempo break downs give the whole track great dancefloor effect. A fantastic DJ tool to have ready on those USBs. 7.5/10


Our Score: 7.5/10 (Full Album)

Label: OneFold DGTL

Traxsource Exclusive: 13/10/17

Worldwide Release: 27/10/17


OneFold DGTL

SoundCloud  –  Facebook


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