If in doubt, bite the promoter.

I am going to bite you“.

I am going to f*** you man“.

Not my words, but the words of Jeremy Underground‘s agent.

The big news today has to be the story circulating on Facebook from Abstrakt, in which the event promoters were physically threatened by the French producers booking agent, which all stemmed from a dispute over the quality of the hotel Jeremy was to stay in.

We can only comment after hearing one side of the story of course, especially considering Jeremy’s agent went on to delete many of his response comments once things got spicy.

From the perspective of Abstrakt, they appear to be quite reasonable. The contract supposedly outlined that the hotel booked must be a “4 or 5 star standard hotel”. As such, a hotel was booked fitting that criteria.

This was later rejected by Jeremy’s agent, who now stated the artist required a “5 star hotel with a sauna and gym”. The promoters reluctantly agreed to swallow the cost of the first hotel fee, presumably putting it all down to experience and a lesson to be learned, and booked a new hotel fitting the new criteria, this time for 3 nights as requested (even though Jeremy Underground was only playing one night for the promoters?).

Sauna DJ Ratio
Sauna to DJ Set Quality Ratio

Rejected! Despite the hotel being exactly as requested, this hotel was also rejected, with less than a week until the event, what could Abstrakt really do? This ransom note/e-mail came with a demand to have a room in the £614+ per night Sheraton Grand. Apparently, staying a night in the Sheraton Grand “will in turn provide the best possible performance”. Trade secrets right here, all those hours of practice in your bedroom are pointless, you just need a fancy hotel, a sauna and a gym.

At this point the cost to the promoter for the artists hotel room was an eye watering £1,551.

For the Edinburgh based promoters this was enough. They say how in small cities promoters throw parties for their love of the music, and not the financial gains. Having ran events in the micro-city of Lancaster whilst at University I can completely sympathise on this point. It is for the thrill, and if you break even then great, but don’t expect to.

“Agents / artists acting like this will eventually be the downfall of the scene. We simply don’t want to work with someone like this. For these reasons, we’re going to cancel the booking”.

Respect to these young promoters standing up for themselves, and with 8.4k likes and 2.1k comments of support (and rising by the minute), I would say I am not the only one who agrees.

The promoters organised a replacement, in a hope to still fulfill the promise of a great night for all those customers who had already bought tickets (refunds were made available for any unhappy customers).

Original Event Poster Artwork

At this point, Jeremy’s agent began to back pedal and offered to pay for the hotel themselves, but it was too late, the damage was done. Abstrakt “would rather lose money and let people know the truth of a situation that is all too common in the modern scene”.

Next came the threats.

“I am going to bite you! I swear I am going to put all my energy on you”.

Thankfully the promoters must have had their rabies shots this year, and this odd carnivorous message was ignored.

As the first threat had no success, Jeremy’s agent elaborated further in his next message, just in case the Scottish promoters were unsure what biting would involve.

“I am going to bite you and believe me you are going to loose some blood!”

Truly scary stuff. At this point Abstrakt must have been worried that they were not speaking to Jeremy Underground’s agent, but some kind of music industry cocktail of Hannibal Lecter and ‘Jaws’, the henchman from James Bond.

Jeremy Underground’s Agent

Abstrakt have since changed their event to involve the new line-up, with tickets now on sale at £6 from Skiddle. We would implore anyone in the area to get down and support the promoters after these heroics.

The full thread can be found via Facebook here.

All this over a hotel room. Get yourself a Premier Inn and let music do the talking once again.

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Note – Whilst writing this article, Jeremy Underground has since issued a public apology, stating the agents actions were “UNACCEPTABLE” and “WAY OUT OF LINE”, offering to do a free party to attempt to make this right.

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