Review: Secret Ballroom Gems Vol.II

Following our interview with Ballroom chiefs Kaiser Souzai, we took a look into the latest Ballroom Records release ‘Secret Ballroom Gems Vol.II’, and Gems really is the best description for it.

An 8-track Various Artists album, supporting a plethora of Ballroom talent old and new. With every track a different flavour of techno, each complimenting the next, it gives a real insight to what makes a Ballroom release for those unaware of their sound. We select our personal favourites from the roster.

Leading the front line like the true kings they are, Kaiser Souzai open the album with their trademark progressive and cinematic Techno track ‘Suddenly Gone (Dub Mix)‘. A pacey dancefloor filler, with its running bassline and warping chords, Suddenly Gone is an uplifting Techno number worthy of any dancefloor, perfect for clubrooms and festival stages alike.

For our second pick of the release, we have chosen a heavy ballad that we feel takes similarity to one of the Techno Gods himself – Stephan Bodzin. ‘Final Elevation‘ by Paradoks is a deep and ethereal masterpiece in its own right. Outer body Techno, powerful and melodic, it is a weapon for any DJ out there looking to take their crowd to another place.

The rest of the release is equally as strong, whether you’re looking for Techno that is gritty and raw or weapons made purely for a dark warehouse, this album has it.  Tracks from Ballroom regulars  Albird, Ben ChampellDan Buri and Del Horno, and new faces ArmitageCarlos Perez and Paul Feris complete the line-up.

Ballroom Logo

Our Score: 8.5/10

Label: Ballroom Records

Release Date: 08/09/17

OUT NOW: Beatport


Ballroom Records

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