Throne Room Exclusive: Kaiser Souzai

As part of the Throne Room Records podcast, the 5:15 will be speaking with the featured artists each month about themselves and their mix. Starting things off we have none other than Berlin underground champions Kaiser Souzai.

Full Mix & Exclusive Tracklist below.



Making concrete waves throughout the Berlin underground and carving a reputation internationally with their live performances, popular event nights and taste-making “Ballroom Records” label, Berlin duo, Kaiser Souzai are an unstoppable force within the industry. What began as a music collaboration, has now become much more than that with the creation of their own musical genre of Art-rock Tech, drawing influence from 70’s greats such as Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes, yet still keeping to their roots of deep and progressive techno, electrifying dancefloors across the globe.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Kaiser Souzai…

Kaiser Souzai
German duo Kaiser Souzai – Markus (left) & Alex (right) 

So, who are Kaiser Souzai?

Two mafiosi acting from the underground hidden in dark places.

If you had to sum up your sound in three words, what would they be?

Colorful prog techno.


With most our readers hailing from the UK, many will not have had the opportunity to see an infamous Kaiser Souzai live performance. For those lucky few who might get to see you in the future, what should they expect?
Right now we are having fun with our hybrid sets, using electronic drum/percussion pad, cdjs and fx, playing only tracks from Kaiser Souzai and our Ballroom Records artists.




From following your Instagram (@kaiser_souzai) we see you are always on the move. Do you find yourself inspired while making music on the go, or do you prefer those periods where you can sit in a studio? 
The laptop studio is our most important device. Tracks are being made at the beach, on airports, planes and hotel rooms, which is why we have a fairly high output. Later in the studio things are mixed proper, polished and mastered. And sometimes put aside, when we feel the idea is not ripe yet and need a total rework.


While traveling, is there any locations that you would love to go back and play?
New Zealand (which is planned fix for new years eve 2018), Australia, also Brazil and Argentina, where we have lots of friends.


What about strange gigs, there must be some weird gigs you have played at while on the road?
A half destroyed stage with garbage bags in the middle of the stage and equipment buried in dust. Yep, that was weird.




Upcoming Kaiser Souzai news we can get excited about?
Lots of stuff, like our BALLROOM Rec Secret Gems Vol. II Album with 8 of our artists showcasing their new work, which is in promo as we speak. After that we have another Co-work “The Voice” with Roland Clark and remixes by Dj Lion, Jiggler and subliminal rec producer Junolarc.


Let’s talk about this mix! Kicking off with an unreleased track that has an almost cinematic vibe to it. A style we have found is growing in popularity, particularly among the festival goers. What was your inspiration behind it?
The track was produced on Mallorca, mostly on the early evening hours and hot bale arc summer nights, possibly that tracks reflects that vibe. Otherwise it’s a typical Kaiser Souzai track, using chord progressions and uplifting breaks before settling back in forward moving rhythm.


Hard question but, if you had to pick a favourite track from the mix, which would it be?
That would probably change daily but for today it’s possibly that first track “Resistance”.
Tomorrow it’s “Ego” or  “Exsistence.” Or…… 😉




A few tracks in there from your release with Throne Room Records. Being based in Berlin, what was your first reaction when a UK label like Throne Room comes calling?
We thought “great”, We haven’t done anything with a U.K based label in a while and it’s such a important and great market for underground music, that we really appreciated the chance to release with Throne Room, who really release cool stuff.


Nearly every track in the mix is either one of your own or one from Ballroom Records. Things must be going well with Ballroom?

Yep, we are busy building the label and the artists that release with us. #Ballroomcrewlove.
So step by step we are moving forward to become a major brand in business releasing music that we feel is unique and fits to our sets.


While on the topic of Ballroom Records, are there any upcoming releases you can tease us with?
Lets point out a track, which has only the working title ARP (referring to an arpeggiator in the track but which has now vanished completely now that the song is finished) and will be released in early 2018 with remixes by Brazilian producer Gabe and Pavel Petrov from Bulgaria. More releases will be out this year on D-Formation’s Beatfreak imprint, Gaga’s Dark Face label and of course much more on Ballroom Records.


A question we always like to end on. Are there any artists you can’t get enough of at the moment, or any that you would tip for big things over the next few years?
We love the stuff that is coming from AlBird, Dan Buri, Ben Champell and DJ Lion, who all release with Ballroom and will blow up big in the near future.
On a wider scale Maceo Plex, who created a very unique style of colourful prog techno, Victor Ruiz, hot shot of the moment Enrico Sangiuliano, all pretty mainroom but that’s where we are as well.





Full Tracklist:

  1. Kaiser Souzai – Resistance (Original Mix) // Unreleased
  2. Vazik, Boho & Paul Feris – Vice Versa (Kaiser Souzai Remix) // Jannowitz Records
  3. Josh Vox – Tattooed Angel (Clint Stewart Remix) // Ballroom Records
  4. Del Horno & Carlos Perez – What A Fuck (Original Mix) // Ballroom Records (Upcoming)
  5. Kaiser Souzai – Lost Kadath (Original Mix) // Ballroom Records
  6. Kaiser Souzai – Phangan Trippin (Original Mix) // Ballroom Records
  7. Kaiser Souzai – Existence (Original Mix) // Unreleased
  8. Kaiser Souzai – Entity (Original Mix) // Throne Room Records
  9. Kaiser Souzai – Ego (Original Mix) // Patent Skillz Records
  10. Stanny Abram, Oliver Carloni – Body Musik (Kaiser Souzai Remix) // Egothermia
  11. Kaiser Souzai – The Old Gods (Original Mix) // Throne Room Records
  12. Kaiser Souzai – Cthulu (Original Mix) // Tulipa Recordings
  13. Heinrich & Heine – Snake River Canyon (Original Mix) // Ballroom Records (Upcoming)
  14. Kaiser Souzai – Sequoia (Original Mix) // Ballroom Records


Upcoming on Ballroom Records:

Kaiser Souzai

SoundCloud  –  Facebook

Ballroom Records

SoundCloud  –  Facebook

Throne Room Records

SoundCloud  –  Facebook

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