Review: Swerve Digital – Ibiza 2017 Sampler

As mentioned in our previous interview with label boss Nik Syr, there is a lot of excitement in the Swerve Digital camp at the moment, particularly regarding their Ibiza Sampler, and we can see why. Swerve Digital bring us a mixed platter of poolside treats for all those venturing to the white isle this Summer. The 5 track VA packs punch as well as variety, a real fistful of Tech House crowd movers for us to sink our teeth into…


Angelo Scalici – House Record (Original Mix)

Dancefloor power. The iconic vocals set the track apart from the Tech House clutter, and anything repeating “make a house record” is always going to be a crowd pleaser. The addition of crowd cheers to the build ups and the occasional low end breaks in the track both give raw energy, all supported by a standard heavy punchy Tech House bassline.


GREG. – Solid Black (Original Mix)

This track ran the risk of being overshadowed by the more upfront ‘House Record’, but GREG. duly delivers a world of depth to an addictive wobbling bassline. The minute the bass hits your eardrum you know the kind of damage this could do to a dancefloor in the right hands. The synth combines with the bassline to justify the tracks apt title ‘Solid Black’, giving the release that little bit extra – dark, wet and ambient; far from what you picture when you think of Ibiza, yet, also exactly what you picture when you think of Ibiza.


Jame Moorfield – The Opague (Original Mix)

Our personal favourite from the VA. Although there is a little less going on in terms of vocals and leads, we would argue less is more in this case. You get the feeling every addition to the track is intentional and used to the greatest effect. The track is full of funk and could easily find it’s way into DJ sets, whether that is the main dancefloor, the back room, or poolside, it is a beautifully simple but solid, all-round groover.


Lee Pearce – Timed Out (Original Mix)

Label boss Lee Pearce throws his signature style into the mix with ‘Timed Out’, and it is a classy signature at that. The whole track oozes a smooth feeling, from its rich bassline to the warping pads and echoing stabs. Feel-good sunrise tracks are sometimes hard to be memorable, not only because of the long night of dancing prior, but due to the passive nature of these tracks. Too much and it is not suitable for those sunrise, after-party moments. Too little and that end of the night fatigue kicks in. Lee Pearce has got the balance just right with this one. A fine addition to the release.


Maxi Vega – Traumatized (Original Mix)

The percussion heavy ‘Traumatized’ closes the album. Another versatile track that could find a place at the start of the night, or in the late hours of the morning. Euphoric breakdowns have an almost spiritual feel, yet the bassline, rolling snares and modular-like stabs give the record some energy.



A solid collection of tracks that would suit various different occasions and crowds, we can understand why these tracks are already making the rounds at the nightlife hotspot.

Early support coming in from: Sam Divine, Rich Pinder, Timo Garcia, Gramophonedzie, Anderson Noise, Sammy W, Solarc, Nasser Baker, Josh Coakley, Jack Swift and Wax Worx to name a few.


Catalogue No: SWD030

Release Date: 18th August 2017



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