‘Unique’ – Tech House, July 2017

In our recent interview with Oliver Carloni, the Throne Room Records boss touched on the increasing difficulty to find genuinely original Tech House, stating the need to “find a unique sound in the genre” if you are to cut through all the white noise. Sound advice regardless of genre, but with the huge recent popularity boom in Tech House, it seems fitting our second article looks into this further.

We saw this as a challenge, to find a fistful of Tech House tracks from July that are certified dancefloor-fillers, whilst clearly having a genuinely ‘unique sound’. So, in no particular order…



Jay Shepheard - Bullfrogging EP

Jay Shepheard – Bullfrogging (Original Mix)

The stuttering robotic vocals give the track enormous energy, with occasional breaks allowing the simple but addictive bass-line to drive the record. A solid early-doors track that would fit nicely into any warm-up set, or may even find its way into a main set providing you’ve got the crowd for it. The release is out via Polish duo Catz n’ Dogz aptly named PETS Recordings, and they themselves state this classic Shepheard track is “so infectious if you licked its back you’d trip for weeks.”

Release Date:

14th July 2017

BUY  –  Jay Shepheard  –  PETS Recordings



Biscuits - Real Low (Billy Kenny Remix)

Biscits – Real Low (Billy Kenny Remix)

Where do we even start. If we weren’t to tell you this were a Billy Kenny remix, there is probably a good chance you could guess it on your own. Textbook electronic quirkiness. There is no gimmick here however, the bubbly acid lead builds the power and dominates the track, with a filthy darkness to the drop, followed by powerful hats. What more could you ask for, a pure dancefloor weapon. Out via Southampton-based label Midnineties.

Release Date:

14th July 2017

BUY  –  Billy Kenny  –  Midnineties



Lane 8

Lane 8 – March of the Forest Cat (Original Mix)

Releasing on his own imprint This Never Happened, Lane 8 fires up a masterful Tech House piece, with touches of Progressive, Techno and Electronica for good measure. March of the Forest Cat really has everything. The kind of hard hitting and progressive release we are used to hearing from Lane 8.

Release Date:

18h July 2017

BUY  –  Lane 8



Bedrock - Frequencies VA

BOg, Tim Engelhardt – Scene 1 (Original Mix)

Found on Bedrock Records’ recent VA album ‘Bedrock Frequencies’, curated by the man himself John Digweed. The release showcases 31 exclusive tracks, of which we selected our personal favourite from the album – Scene 1. Romanian-born Bedrock regular BOg once again teams up with Cologne talent Tim Engelhardt, following previous tracks together under Innervisions and Tenampa Recordings, to produce a driving electronic groover that is sure to please festival goers this summer.

Release Date:

14h July 2017

BUY  –  BOg  –  Tim Engelhardt  –  Bedrock Records


DJ Kicks VA

Red Axes – Paratrooper (Original Mix)

Industry heavyweights K7 Records throw out a deep and melodic weapon in the form of Red Axes’ track Paratrooper on the 33 strong ‘DJ TENNIS – DJ KICKS’ VA album. An eerie cinematic female vocal swings and stutters her way through the build before the track kicks back into the repetitive and addictive echoing guitar-like rift. A delicate and beautiful touch to any set, with a strong bass to send crowds on their way. Truly magical stuff from Red Axes and K7 Records.

Release Date:

14h July 2017

BUY  –  Red Axes  –  K7 Records


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